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Priority 2 of the Sendai Framework states that “Disaster risk governance at the national, regional and global levels is of great importance for an effective and efficient management of disaster risk. Clear vision, plans, competence, guidance, and coordination within and across sectors, as well as participation of relevant stakeholders, are needed. Strengthening disaster risk governance for prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, and rehabilitation is therefore necessary and fosters collaboration and partnership across mechanisms and institutions for the implementation of instruments relevant to disaster risk reduction and sustainable development.” 1

Key stakeholder coordination within and across sectors can be facilitated using resource contact sheets containing the agency name, contact name, position, and contact information.

Here is a sample template from the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) publication, Managing Catastrophic Transportation Emergencies: A Guide for Transportation Executives. 2

Table Agency Contact Sheet Template



POC Name

Position Title








Homeland Security Coordinator





Emergency Management






Emergency Support Function ESF-1 Coordinator





District Contacts





District A






Federal Government




U.S. Department of

Transportation (U.S. DOT)





Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)





Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)


Local FHWA Contact










State A










Other organization as appropriate















County/Parish A





Sheriff's Office





Fire Department





Other Partners





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