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1.4 Kiosk

Countries that have experienced typhoons, torrential rains, and other wind and flood disasters, as well as massive earthquakes and tsunamis, have built "Build Back Better" after each of these past disasters to prevent another disaster from occurring, and have strengthened disaster countermeasures based on this experience.

Over the last few years, the needs of society have evolved rapidly as a result of the diversification of society and population growth. Disaster countermeasures must also change to keep up with these changes.

On the other hand, in order to cope with severe damage caused by increasingly severe weather phenomena and huge earthquakes and tsunamis that could occur at any time, it is necessary to develop technologies related to disaster prevention based on knowledge and technologies developed from past disaster experiences and to incorporate these technologies as quickly as possible.

KIOSK has collected and organized "technologies that contribute to disaster mitigation" that contribute to reducing damage to prevent the latest disasters so that it can better support the planning of disaster countermeasures in response to changes in society and recent disaster situations. It is expected that other disaster prevention measures will evolve and intensify with the use of these technologies.

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