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Credits & acknowledgements

This first edition of the Disaster Management Manual is the outcome of a project undertaken by the World Road Association (PIARC) in the 2020 under the editorial responsibility of Technical Committee 1.5 - “Disaster Management” chaired by Yukio ADACHI (Japan), Director of Hanshin expressway Co., Ltd., Japan.

The development of the conceptual framework of the Manual and drafting of the chapters was first performed, during the cycle 2016-2019, by the Technical Committee E.3, under the responsibility of the Keiichi TAMURA (Japan), Chair of T.C. - E.3.

The final updated version of the manual and the web development have been carried out by the WG 3 of Technical Committee 1.5 during the cycle 2020/2023, under the responsibility of Constantin ZBARNEA (Romania) head of the Technical Department of Regional Directorate for Roads and Bridges Iasi (CNAIR - Romanian National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration), leader of the WG 3. Co-author and chief editor of the manual, Constantin ZBARNEA also designed and drew the cover and much of the Disaster Management Manual figures.

This first edition of the Disaster Management Manual has been made possible thanks to the contributions of the following individuals:

Editorial Team

Piarc (World Road Association) Secretariat

  • Patrick MALLEJACQ (Secretary General)
  • Alain CHARLES (Information Systems Manager)
  • Cécile CHEVRON (Project Manager / Webmaster)

Technical Committee on Disaster Management

  • Yukio ADACHI (Japan) - Chair of Technical Committee 1.5 - “Disaster Management”
  • Constantin ZBARNEA (Romania) - Editor in Chief, WG 3 leader and Webmaster of Technical Committee 1.5 - “Disaster Management”

Authors & Reviewers

Yukio ADACHI (Japan)

Dr. Yukio ADACHI is the chair of TC 1.5 “Disaster Management” of PIARC. He is also the director of Hanshin expressway Co., Ltd., Japan. He has been engaged in expressway construction and maintenance over 30 years. His engineering background is earthquake engineering, bridge engineering, and asset & maintenance engineering. He has been a part of PIARC committee on risk and disaster management since 2008.


Constantin ZBARNEA (Romania)

Constantin ZBARNEA is the head of the Technical Department of Regional Directorate for Roads and Bridges Iasi (Romanian National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration) and the vice-president of the Romanian Professional Association of Roads and Bridges - Subsidiary of Moldova. He is also a member of the Romanian Standards Association with several contributions in developing Romanian (SR 13575, SR 13576, SR 13593) and European standards (EN 12697-18:2017, EN 12697-25:20174, EN 12767:2017, EN 13036-5:2017, EN 1793-1&2:2016 etc). He also contributed to the revision of several Romanian technical regulations. He has been active in PIARC during the cycle 2012-2015 within T.C.-1.5 Risk Management and he contributed as co-author and chief editor for the PIARC Asset Management Manual during the cycle 2016-2019 within T.C.-D.1 Asset Management.


Chris ENGELBRECHT is a United States member of PIARC’s TC 1.5 Disaster Management. He also serves as Assistant Chief Safety and Operations Officer with the Missouri Department of Transportation leading the department’s Safety and Emergency Management Unit. Chris has over 28 years of experience related to disaster management, security, traffic incident management and occupational safety. He has been a member of PIARC’s TC 1.5 Disaster Management since 2020.



Dana Hendrix is a professional engineer (P.E.) and supervising transportation engineer at the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).  She has spent many years as an emergency operations specialist and is a member of Transportation Research Board’s (TRB’s) committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection (AMR 10) and the committee on Disaster Response, Emergency Evacuations, and Business Continuity (AMR 20).


Herry VAZA (Indonesia)

Dr. eng. Herry VAZA is a former Director of Road Construction at the Directorate General of Highways, Ministry of Public Works and Housing. He is as expert engineer in roads and bridges. Currently, he serves as the Head of the Implementation Unit for the Acceleration of the Implementation of the Construction of the New National Capital in Indonesia. He has worked in the road and bridge sector for 37 years. His expertise in bridge engineering and road safety.


Shinjuro KOMATA (Japan)

Dr. Shinjuro KOMATA is one of the highest qualified Landslide and Geotechnical Expert in Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. with 50 years technical experience in consulting service in Japan and overseas.



Mitsuya ENOKIDA (Japan)

Dr. Mitsuya ENOKIDA is vice president of The Japan Landslide Society. He is also a technical advisor to Japan conservation engineers & Co., Ltd (JCE), a slope disaster prevention consultant, and a director of JCE Holdings Co. He has been involved in research, design, and survey related to slope protection for almost 40 years. He specializes in geotechnical engineering, groundwater hydrology, structural mechanics, and analysis and design technologies for slope protection works. He has been a board member of Japan Bosai Platform (JBP) since 2014 and served as the chairman of the KIOSK Content Working Group with PIARC in JBP from 2021 to 2022.


Tomoyuki SUGIZAKI (Japan)

Mr. Tomoyuki SUGIZAKI is an observer of TC1.5 "Disaster Management" of PIARC JAPAN Committee. He is also the senior specialist of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. He has been engaged in slope disaster prevention projects and landslide countermeasure projects for over 20 years, and is particularly familiar with road disaster projects.



Design and development of the website

The contract was awarded to the French company Mayflower under the management of the PIARC General Secretariat.

This part of the project was led at the General Secretariat by Alain CHARLES and Cécile CHEVRON.